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It’s time. Time for a year of innovation.

You feel it in your gut. Whether it’s the challenges of rapid growth, high turnover, acquisition issues, or lagging trends – you know. It’s time. Perhaps you have attempted a change (maybe several) using outdated models and failed. You may have even hired a team of consultants to come in and solve your problem. Unfortunately, the attempts thus far have fallen flat. It’s time for a fresh approach — time for a year of innovation.

Specifically, in the year of innovation, we bring to your team a consultant well versed in the methods of

  • designing thinking from MIT,
  • systematic inventive thinking from Columbia Business School,
  • the strategy is innovation methodology of Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

Uniquely equipped, our consultant helps you to discover, develop, and train the innovative geniuses that exist within your company. Equally important the consultant guides your internal team(s) in extended design sprints to develop the innovative solutions uniquely suited for your company.

Year of Innovation Overview

  • First and foremost, our consultant meets with the company leader(s) to create a strategic vision for the innovation project(s). This includes the strategic vision question, the project constraints, and team configuration.  In essence, several teams can focus on one problem or each team can address a different challenge.
  • Together with the consultant, we identify critical individuals to lead the internal teams. Likewise, group leaders will select 5-7 people from across the company to participate in their group.
  • Next, the consultant delivers Design Thinking Basic Training and a project simulation to team leaders. The training introduces the design thinking process and prepares leaders to launch their projects.  Depending on time constraints this can be handled in numerous ways — generally, 1-2 hours a week for 6-8 weeks.
  • Innovation Launch party – designed create excitement and engagement for the upcoming year of innovation. Party can include a gathering of the innovation teams or be company-wide. If applicable, the consultant will assist in the development of a team incentive program.
  • In detail, the consultant provides monthly insights, coaching, and project management to ensure team leaders stay on track to complete their projects and present a proposal.
  • Innovation Proposals – lastly team leaders present their innovation proposals, including financial analysis, for leadership approval and selection.

The Year of Innovation is based on the Human-centered Organizational Innovation model which you can read more about here.

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Disclaimer: In the title, a “year of innovation,” a year is a general assumption. In general, innovation projects take a year or less. Depending on the scope of work, projects can continue beyond a year.  Additional charges will apply for projects that extend beyond a year.