From awareness to adapt, act, and achieve 

Like the family pet running wild through your child’s lego creation, Corna Virus turned our world upside down. Unlike ever before, the Corona Virus Pandemic has shed light on the importance of innovation. Numerous agencies from the federal to local levels are working tirelessly to innovate, adapt, and act quickly to achieve a solution to the crisis. In addition to bringing to light problems in healthcare, supply chain dependencies, dangers in global travel, it has also magnified the challenge of managing teams in uncertain times. But let’s face it, times are always unpredictable. Leaders had just become complacent in their methods of managing. As a result of the virus, leaders can no longer be complacent. It’s imperative they stop the domino’s that continue to fall in order to survive this unprecedented time.

Adapt, act, and achieve in uncertain times

The process responsible for product innovation for the last several decades is design thinking. The most successful companies of our time used design thinking to adapt, act, and achieve in uncertainty. Historically, design thinking focused on improving products/services to drive future performance. However, as noted in the Harvard Business Review article, Design Thinking is Coming of Age. It’s no longer only focused on product/service innovation. It’s about innovating the way people work.  

While innovating the way people work b.c. (before Corona) may have been a – nice to think about, on the back burner, let’s tackle that after this priority, kind of issue – it’s now the center of attention. What once was a nice to do someday is now a must-do asap. To remain relevant, leaders must adapt, act, and achieve. Regardless of the uncertainty, leaders must meet KPI targets, create an engaging culture, execute the latest change initiative. In summary, they must become innovative leaders, once thought to be reserved for Amazon, Apple, and Google’s of the world. Is this possible?  


Yes you can with this course

To become an innovative leader, you must develop the skill-set and mindsets of design thinking. The skill-set and mindset that adapts acts and achieves. I have used design thinking over two decades to manage team uncertainty, and I have created this course to teach you how to do the same. In essence, this course gives you the techniques that create winning product innovation that develops you into the innovative leader that experiences performance, peace, and progress in uncertain times. In this course, you’ll discover how simple this can be. And how easily sustainable it is.

What to expect from participating in this course

In this course, you will learn the five essential skills innovative leaders use to adapt, act, and achieve in uncertain times. As a result of this course, your team will be

  • at peace with uncertainty and focused on progress towards goals
  • engaged and enthusiastic about their work
  • able to foresee & fulfill current and future needs
  • focused on seizing opportunities (aka more sales, contracts, etc.)
  • more effective at collaborating and communicating 
  • performing at their individual and collective best

In addition to consistently outperforming your KPI targets, as a leader, you’ll experience

  • confident in knowing your team is equipped and capable 
  • peace in knowing problems are resolved quickly by your team
  • A team enthusiastic about their work, their team, and you 
  • A reduction in problems that require your attention
  • Fewer customer complaints
  • A decrease in employee conflict
  • Increased personal creativity and well-being
  • team buy-in and execution of team curated ideas

Application required.

The following are the qualifications to apply.

  1. Manage a minimum of 7 person team
  2. Manage in a company of 250 employees or more
  3. Available to participate in 7 – one and half hour Zoom calls over the period of one quarter.

As a service to the business community, the $500 cost of this course is being waived for the first 25 applicants.

Limited Seating Available. Application Deadline, April 30, 2020.