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As a company leader, you understand time is money! You also know that innovation takes both time and money. As a key leader in the organization, your awareness of performance, it’s growth, and sustainability is vital to your success. This awareness has made you successful at what you do. However, you know that the people, processes, and products that delivered your current level of success are not necessarily the ones to take you to the next level of success. Innovation is the power that propels companies forward.

Innovation no longer remains a choice but has become an imperative. -Narendra Modi

Your knowledge of this fact is likely one of the most significant challenges you are facing and has added additional stress. It’s this desire to reach the next level that has led you here in your search for an answer. It’s this persistent awareness that has you thinking about innovating an area of your company but asking the question

How do I continue to lead effectively and execute a successful revamp of _______ at the same time?

company leader thinkingWe help leaders face the challenge of innovation.

We get it.  We understand the challenges that small and mid-cap companies face in innovation. Who will lead the innovation? Are they equipped with the design thinking tools to be successful, and will the team follow through to carry out change at all levels of the company.

As a leader, you witness first-hand in the reports and rumors, the issues affecting your company. Sales are slowing/rising; complaints are rising, quality new hires are challenging to find; morale is low, etc. You need effective change now!!  But you’re stuck on the how?  How do I continue to lead effectively, keep the balls I juggle every day in the air, AND dive deep into understanding the root cause of the challenge I’m facing? How to I revamp success for the future? 

Innovation is change that unlocks new value. – Jamie Notter

Given the challenge you’re facing, we are so glad you found us. REVamp Success is a consultancy practice that uses the leading edge thought process of design thinking to Rev up morale and amp up performance through unlocking the unique innovation that your company needs to move forward with greater success. The leading benefits small and mid-cap leaders like yourself appreciate about our services are:

saves timeWe save leaders time.

Let’s face it; your plate is already full. It’s overloaded if you’re honest.  Your schedule doesn’t have the space to add an innovation project. You understand that revamping takes time. Innovation takes several months on the conservative side.  Intuitively you know that putting the department manager on it won’t solve the problem. If they had the time for solving the problem, you wouldn’t be seeing the issues bubbling up to your desk in the first place.  The REVamp Success approach allows you and your company leaders to stay focused on your most important work while our consultant does the hard work behind the scenes. You are reserving your resources for the task of moving forward while we take the time to look back, forward, and all directions to find the best solution for your company.

fresh perspectiveWe provide leaders with a fresh perspective.

You and the leaders of your companies breathe the details of your business day in and day out. You’re busy closing deals, serving customers, and taking action on the budgets, plans, and steps to move your company forward.  And that’s a good thing! However, this ultra focus often leaves it difficult to see the forest for the trees. How do you effectively step back and take a fresh perspective when every breath, action, and thought is about serving clients, employees, board members, and shareholders. That’s where we come in. We are here to bring a fresh perspective through the lens of design thinking to the symptoms, the root problem, and the solutions available.

We help leaders boost morale through innovation.

boost employee morale

To clarify, yes I said improve morale! You heard it right! While it’s often the case that employee confidence goes down during change – not with the design thinking process we use at REVamp Success. Traditional change and restructuring methods – with secret committee meetings, rumors of job eliminations, etc. – leave employees fearful and uncertain, creating an even bigger problem.  Our human-centric process engages team members and customers (when applicable) in the process, to be heard, and to feel apart of the solution. Being part of the solution creates buy-in, which is like rocket fuel for a fast and efficient implementation of your innovative solution.

Let us bring your culture and the best practices of design thinking together.

One of the great things about doing business in this age of technology is that many products, systems, and management tools can be bought right off the shelf. Unfortunately, not all best practices available are best for your company culture.  The design thinking process we employ brings the brilliance of design thinking together with the experience and wisdom of your team. Together we efficiently sort through the myriad of choices or create a unique solution that is right for your company.

Sounds Amazing! Let’s chat more…

To discuss how design thinking consulting can bring your company the innovative solutions you desire, click the here and schedule your free thirty-minute consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve even greater success in the future.