Welcome, and thank you for stopping by Revamp Success.  Are you facing the challenge of an underperforming team or enterprise? Then you are in the right place.  To be sure you on your way to solving your performance problems, the following is an overview of our consulting services.

Who we serve

We assist C-Suite Leaders, Line of Business Executives, and Business Owners in turning around performance problems within their enterprise. Precisely, performance problems that are impacting employee morale, shareholder value, and the peace of mind of enterprise leaders.

Problems we solve

We help leaders solve problems that hinder performance, impact morale, and threaten the sustainability of the enterprise. For example, we help turnaround:

  • failed change management initiatives
  • failure to meet business objectives
  • weak line of business or team performance
  • the  problems of merging multiple teams/enterprises
  • lackluster sales performance
  • high employee turnover
  • low employee engagement
  • lack of a unifying innovative culture and social cause
  • poor morale, lack of initiative/enthusiasm for work
  • lack of teamwork and collaboration

Why Leaders choose Revamp Success

Leaders want Revamp Success because we help them create results and turnaround challenging situations.  To demonstrate, here are examples of how we have assisted enterprise leaders:

  • Team Turnarounds: Assisted a financial enterprise through a decade of mergers taking five different teams performing in the bottom 10% of their region to rising to the top 10% of the region. As a result, we not only improved KPI’s but morale, teamwork, training/development, retention, and collaboration.
  • New Manager Success Training: Helped an enterprise set up for success a new/young manager facing difficult odds. In this case, within three months, the manager was equipped to face problems of performance, merger, teamwork, and morale issues.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Programs: Consulted an enterprise lacking a culture of diversity, and women in leadership create a development program. The program resulted in leadership training, 87 mentoring groups, and the promotion of 7 women leaders.

Sounds Amazing! Let’s chat more…

To discuss how design thinking consulting can bring your company the innovative solutions you desire, click here, and schedule your free thirty-minute consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve even greater success in the future.